Sunday, April 10, 2011

“Songs of Protest” is an Indian Music Album with a difference.

“Songs of Protest”  is an Indian Music Album with a difference , very relevant in current times especially after the recent episode of the Gandhian Leader Anna Hazare’s  hunger strike against corruption.

The album tells the stories of unsung heroes, little-known traditions and lost melodies.  Songs of Protest  is a music album with a difference. It is really an artistic expression of anti-establishment, of a time when artists and singers raised their voices against injustice. It resulted from the coming together of an academician and powerful singer and an internationally-acclaimed guitarist, Sumangala Damodaran, the grand daughter of former Communist leader EMS Nambooridipad and Susmit Sen, founding member of Indian Ocean, respectively.

Songs of Protest is Sumangala's endeavour, has been managed and produced by Susmit Sen and been supported by the National School of Drama, Delhi.  For Sumangala the journey of compiling the undocumented music tradition of the 1940s and 1950s Indian People's Theatre Tradition Association (IPTA) was a labour of love.

Sumangala Damodaran has been associated with protest songs for nearly 25 years. She has sung for Parcham (a well-known protest song group) and worked closely with Safdar Hashmi. It was after she sang Jaane Wale Sipahi Se Poochon, a powerful and beautiful composition by Mekhdoom Mohiuddin, in 1984 that she decided to pursue the Songs of Protest project,” says the professor of economics.

Take a listen to the song: “Jaane Wale Sipahi Se Poochon”.

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