Monday, November 29, 2010

Soundgarden is Back!!!!!

L - R: Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd.(Matt Cameron hidden in this view)

If you unwind the clock a little bit and if you've stumbled across a song called "Black hole sun" on MTV back in the day, then that's the men behind the song we're talking about. 

Soundgarden was one of  prominent and influential bands of the early 90's alongwith Seattle contemporaries NirvanaAlice in Chains and Pearl Jam. They contributed immensly to a distinct style of music which was later to be labeled as Grunge by the media and the recording industry. They created records which were the most daring and experimental at that time not bowing down to the pressures of Album sales.

Their music is timeless and the songs are structured and constructed like exquisite pieces of art - if you're willing to explore and savor the music. Chris Cornell's mesmerising voice, Kim Thayill's ethereal playing, Ben shepherd's throbbing bass and Matt Cameron's brilliant drumming is a sight to behold for any music enthusiast.

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was a fan of Soundgarden's early music. After 12 long years they've come together and released a new Album.

Soundgarden is:

Kindly click on the following video to watch their new single "Black Rain"and please do let us know what you think of it:

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

SLAIN, one of Bangalore’s upcoming bands, have unleashed their debut album "Here and Beyond".

After sharing the stage with the likes of Iron Maiden and Mr Big, namma city rockers are set to release their first album  "Here and Beyond."
Slain, one of Bangalore’s hottest and upcoming bands, have unleashed their debut album "Here and Beyond" on November 19. Going by the buzz, the launch seems to be a unique musical event with this progressive rock band being backed by a 14-member choir.

The album was in the works ever since the band was formed in 2007. The whole band — Judah Sandhy (lead vocals), Bryden Lewis (lead guitar, backing vocals), Manek D’Silva (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Naresh Nathan (bass guitar, backing vocals), Jonathan Wesley (keyboard, backing vocals), Jared Sandhy (drums and percussion) — contributed in the songwriting process. Bryden and Judah came up with initial ideas, and then the rest of the guys chipped in to complete the songs. The 10-track album — termed “a stellar full-length album” by Rolling Stone magazine — was recorded in Judah’s studio Xanderian in the city. The band relished the freedom of working without the pressure of deadlines. The first few tracks took months. Once they got a hang of it, the rest was done quickly. Manek says the album is a mix of pop, rock and melodic metal.

Designed by Manek, the album’s cover shows a “dreamer” jumping from a rooftop. Naresh explains, “The cover’s message is: Take a leap of faith and God will hold up you. We don’t know for sure if this album will sell. But we believe that unless we take a leap of faith we won’t know. The title Here and Beyond means though we are content here in the present we believe there are greater things for us in the future.”
How does the band define success? Naresh says, “My dream was to play in a rock band and I’ve realised it. That’s success to me. Success is also realising we have God’s grace to do all that we are doing.” Manek adds, “Success is when someone listens to our songs, takes them to heart and sings along.” We wish you all the success guys!
Source: Bangalore Mirror.

And a preview of that musical masterpiece was released some time before in this promotional video. Chk it out.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

cafe idly @ bangalore: Welcome to the Grammys

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Welcome to the Grammys

I’m sure all of you would have heard about the Grammy awards, this blog brings to light the amazing history and facts about the Grammys. The Grammy Awards (originally called the Gramophone Awards)—or Grammys—are presented annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States for outstanding achievements in the music industry. The awards ceremony features performances by prominent artists, and some of the awards of more popular interest are presented in a widely viewed televised ceremony. It is the music equivalent to the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Awards for stage,and the Academy Awards for film.

The awards were established in 1958. The first Grammy Award telecast took place on the night of November 29, 1959, as an episode of the NBC anthology series Sunday Showcase, which was normally devoted to plays, original TV dramas, and variety shows. Until 1971, awards ceremonies were held in both New York and Los Angeles, with winners accepting at one of the two. Pierre Cossette bought the rights to broadcast the ceremony from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and organized the first live telecast.

The trophies are made and assembled by hand. In 1990, the original Grammy design was revamped, changing the traditional soft lead for a stronger alloy less prone to damage, and making the trophy bigger and grander. The Grammy is assembled in pieces and finally finished off in gold plating. The actual trophies, with the recipient's name engraved, are not available until after the award announcements, so a series of "stunt" trophies are re-used each year for the broadcast.

The Grammy Awards are awarded in a series of categories, each of which isolate a specific contribution to music. The standard awards list nominees in each category from which a winner is selected. Grammy categories have been added and removed over time and there are over 100 awards given out spread over various fields and categories.

For the records books, Sir Georg Solti is the male artist with the most Grammy wins,31 in total.Alison Krauss is the biggest winner among female artists with 26 awards.U2, with 22, holds the record among bands,and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra holds the record for any musical group with 60 wins.And the next grammys, 53rd Grammy Awards will take place on 13 February 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

source: wikipedia

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Planning a Birthday Bash?

 If you’re planning to sing “Happy Birthday to You” you might have to spend more than you anticipated.

The song “Happy Birthday To You” is NOT a public-domain composition, despite the 1998 Guinness Book of World Records declaring it to be the most recognised song in the English language.

The melody was written, in 1893, by two kindergarten school teachers, sisters, Patty and Mildred Hill from Kentucky for the song “Good Morning to All”, as a song that would be easy to be sung by young children.

The Original lyrics of the song “Good Morning to All” goes this way...
    Good morning to you
    Good morning to you,
    Good morning, dear children,

    Good morning to all.
(I know you are humming the song now and checking the resemblance.)

”The Summy Company, who owned the publishing rights of “Good Morning to All”, copyrighted
 “Happy Birthday to You” in 1935 as a song for hire. Warner Corporation purchased the company owning the copyright for U.S. $15 million, with the value of "Happy Birthday" estimated at U.S. $5 million.Based on the 1935 copyright registration, Warner claims that U.S. copyright will not expire until 2030, and that unauthorized public performances of the song are technically illegal unless royalties are paid to it. In one specific instance in February 2010, these royalties were said amount to $700.

In European Union countries the copyright in the song will expire December 31, 2016.
So now a single use in a film or TV programme will cost around $10,000!

Planning a Birthday Bash? Pondering how much to spend? Then think again!

Source and wikipedia

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gibson Announces the Revolutionary Guitar " Firebird X " Limited Edition.

Recently in New York City, Gibson Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz made an announcement that staggered the music world. Juszkiewicz unveiled Gibson’s latest guitar, Firebird X. 

But press, fans and celebrities in attendance quickly learned that Firebird X was much, much more than any guitar ever conceived. Speaking to an audience that included such guitar luminaries as Ace Frehley, The Roots’ Kirk Douglas, Eddie Ojeda and Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister, Lou Pallo, Russ Paul and others, Juszkiewicz described an instrument light years ahead of anything ever built.
“This is new. This is different. This is revolution,” he declared before unveiling the axe. “Nobody looks and spends the time to reinvent the guitar. This is a new guitar.”
The Firebird X guitar takes the guitar instrument to new heights of functionality and usability for the professional player and the aspiring enthusiast. Using technologies that did not exist even a few years ago, Gibson has enhanced an already outstanding instrument to unbelievable performance and creative heights. The enhancements touch every aspect of the instrument from improved manufacturing technologies to the latest electronics.
To drive this point home, Juszkiewicz grabbed a traditional guitar and smashed it to pieces. Afterward, the crowd buzzed over the announcement. And already, video of the occasion has leaked onto the Internet.