Thursday, September 23, 2010

Club 27

We have heard of all kinds of clubs..some formed on virtue of interests,fame,great achievements etc etc,but here is a club comprising of influential rock and blues musicians who all died at the age of 27, sometimes under mysterious circumstances.


There is some debate as to the criterion used to include musicians who died at the age of 27 in the "27 Club".
The impetus for the club's creation were the deaths of a seemingly unusual number of prominent 27-year-old musicians within a two-year period of time, exactly: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.Morrison and Jones died on the same date two years apart.This phenomenon has had such a prefound impact that there is book named"The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll" which was published in 2008.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rockstars of India,Shillong : Lou Majaw


Not sure how many of you have heard of lou majaw, to be frank with you I myself was acquainted about this personality fairly recently, he is a Khasi (people are a scheduled tribe, the majority of whom live in North East India) guitar strumming singer who is big Fan of Bob Dylan from shillong.

Majaw is a self taught musician and has been spreading the spirit of music in Shillong for the last six decades. He is one of Bob Dylan's greatest fan in that part of the world and inspired by his music, he organizes a "Dylan's birthday concert" in Shillong on 24 May every year. Having begun on May 24, 1972, the fest – one of the numerous Bob Dylan tribute fests all across the world – has continued for almost four decades now.

Bob Dylan changed people looked at things. Taking the form of story – telling from folk music and the blues, Dylan changed the way popular music would be written. Besides his seemingly effortless genius with lyrics, he has been and continues to be a musical stylist constantly evolving a sound that is his own. 

LOU ONE-LINER: “There is no such thing as an old song. When you play a song, add some life in it, so the song will breath a new life.”

Here is one of his videos ,Lou singing Bob Dylan's "Knockin on heavens door",great to see him bring crowd to life..

If you are aware of any such our own rock stars share it with us.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How it all began....

We wanted to start a Theme based Cafe which would provide a
totally different experience to our customers and for friends to hangout.
We had shortlisted the theme for the Cafe to be either Sports or Music but zeroed-in on
Music since we all shared passion for Music especially Classic Rock.

What captivates most of our customers is the ambience,an electric
guitar hanging on the wall and the long-playing records of the good-old
gramophone days,on display.
We also wanted to start small,hence cafe idly is a small place just enough
space to stand and grab a bit listening to a GNR or Bon Jovi or even
Beatles rock number in the background.