Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse joins “Club 27”

British singer Amy Winehouse, who died on Saturday 23,July 2011 at her North London flat at the age of 27 after a long struggle with drug and drink addiction, joins the so-called “Club 27” or “Forever 27” (read blog on club 27) named after a group of influential pop/rock music artistes who died at 27.

Latest on the tragic list, Amy WInehouse, the Grammy award-winning soul singer with her trademark beehive battled with well-documented addictions that she documented in her hit single Rehab.

Winehouse’s debut album Frank was released in 2003 and brought her wide acclaim. It went triple platinum in Britain.  The 2006 follow-up, Back to Black and its single Rehab was a worldwide smash hit, reaching number one in Britain and number two in the US charts. It went six times platinum in Britain and double platinum in the United States.

In the run-up to her live return after her failed marriage with Blake Fielder-Civil,which ended in an divorce in 2007, Winehouse spent a week at an addiction treatment clinic in London, reportedly at the suggestion of her father, Mitch, over concerns that she was drinking too much. But she was booed at the opening performance in Belgrade, apparently too drunk to sing.

She made her final public appearance at The Roundhouse venue in Camden on Wednesday.. All that I can say is that addiction is one of the most powerful secret weapons in the Devil's arsenal of self destruction and no one can overcome it alone. May God Keep her.

Prominent members of the “Club 27” include Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Great Society....legendary Shillong band

With a pretty well-deserved reputation for breeding a guitar player in ever home, Shillong is an incredible town for anyone to grow up as a musician, and it's no surprise that 'The Great Society' is still remembered as one of the first bands in India to play only original music ~ no "covers" thankyouverymuch. In fact, the whole region is such a hive of musical activity, that good guitarists go a long-long way.

Lou Majaw
( read blog on Lou) is the founder member of the legendary Shillong band. The Great Society. A superb showman, a man who has music and stage performance in his blood, Lou also possesses the humility and breadth of vision that marks him as a true musician. Lou has peroformed all over the Northeast with The Great Society, playing originals along with covers of traditional rock favourites.

The Great Society was formed in the mid '70's with Lou Majaw (vocals/rhythm guitar), ArjunSen (vocals/guitar) and Bert Cooper (drums) as the founding members. In 1980, Rudy Wallang joined the band as bass player. Soon after, Sam Shullai replaced Bert on drums. When Arjun decided to head out to Delhi, Rudy took up playing guitar and Ferdy Dkhar joined in as the bass player.

Despite a series of impressive lineup changes in the twelve years of it's existence, Keith Wallang on drums, late Babit Jyrwa on drums and bass, Danny Shullai on bass and Bob Lyngdoh on harp, The Great Society is essentially Lou, Arjun, Rudy, Sam and Ferdy. The Great Society disbanded in 1992 but do perform occasionally at reunions such as the Reggae Riddim Festival in February 2001.
True to the name of their band, these men created a society that will live long after they are gone.

Elsewhere in the country, the young sway to songs such as Kaanta lagaa and Dharak dharak. In the Northeast, they swing to live music, as bands belt out old rock classics from Jethro Tull to the Doors, or even their own compositions.

The Northeast may be beset with problems of insurgency and protests but the region has been spawning music bands by the dozens and we hope that Northeast continues to be the hive of musical society inspiring musicians who produce music just for the love of it.

Here is one their memorable compositions 'Sea of sorrow' from the album "BREAKTHROUGH"


Monday, July 11, 2011

Changing Stages...musicians turning actors

It is becoming more and more common for musicians to make the jump from the recording industry to the world of acting. For some, their appearances were little more than cameos while others have been cast in major roles. Many of these jumps have been very successful while others, have left a lot to be desired.

Canadian musician Alanis Nadine Morissete is not only a gifted singer, she has ventured into the world of
television and movies a number of times. One of her roles was playing that of God in the 1999 film Dogma.

Cher is one of the most successful people in both the world of acting and the world of music. Cher has not only had countless number one hits on the music charts, she has also managed to achieve Hollywood’s highest honor. In 1987, Cher won the best actress Oscar for her role in the film Moonstruck. 
Keith Richards, lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, was number 10 on Rolling Stone’s Greatest Guitarists of All Time list. In 2007 he ventured into the world of movies. Keith made a cameo appearance as Captain Teague in Pirates of the Caribbean, At World’s End.

David Bowie
took on the role of the goblin king in Jim Hensen’s Labyrinth. The film which was released in 1986 and combined the talents of Bowie, Jennifer Connelly with a host of Muppets. Labyrinth, is an imaginative,learning journey for a young girl. Bowie was able to combine his acting and music talents in this fantasy musical.

Alice Cooper plays himself in the film Wayne’s World.

Legendary rocker Bon Jovi
plays the part of the chief engineer aboard a submarine in this oscar-winning war movie U571. David Keith and Mathew McConaughey also star in this fast moving action film. The film debuted in 2000 and was written and directed by Jonathon Mostow.

Sting the lead singer of the Police, explored his acting talents in the cult classic Dune. Dune, was an
adaptation of the novel written by Frank Herbert. The movie was released in 1984 and was directed by David Lynch. In the film Sting plays the role of Feyd-Rautha, a nephew of the power hungry Baron.

Mick Jagger
was cast in the lead role of the film Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger and outlaw, who was eventually hanged in 1880. Mick’s portrayal of this notorious Australian was met with mixed reviews. Mick also made an appearance in the science fiction film Freejack.

Rock and roll icons are not the only musicians to try their hand at acting. There have been numerous country
legends who have ventured into the realm of Holly wood.

Willie Nelson has appeared numerous times on both the big screen and in television movies and shows. He has played roles on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Nash Bridges and Miami Vice.He played the lead in the western movie Barbarossa and was cast in the 2005 version of the Dukes of Hazzard. In this film version of  popular television show, The Dukes of Hazzard, Willie Nelson played the role of Uncle Jessie Duke.

Tim McGraw
plays the part of a football father in the hit movie Friday Night Lights.

This list definitely is not a exhaustive one, its just indicative of the fact that musicians can make the sideways leap to acting. The transition should be too hard i guess,after all, actors and singers have the same challenge: to capture and project emotion believably.

source: triviachamp

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head....top ten rain songs

 Call it cats and dogs or condensation...a deluge or a drizzle...a monsoon or a mist...sprinkles or showers... rain drops are falling! It's that liquid precipitation that falls on us all from time to time. It's the stuff that can make the flowers grow and the traffic slow.

Rain is also the topic of many a song. This blog would be virtually endless if we were to list every great rain song. Therefore I had to whittle it down to a Top Ten list based on how well each has done on the various charts
I'll say it again: If you don't see your favorite rain song, be sure to leave a comment. Who knows, your submission could be the next entry!

Let's start at the bottom (but certainly not least) and work our way up to the #1 spot.
10. Singin' In The Rain-Classic! What's else can you think of to sing in the rain but this one? Gene Kelly sang and danced this in the 1952 film Singin' In The Rain ,but it was originally published in 1929! Many years later it reached the top spot. 

9. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Originally written in 1945 by Fred Rose and released by Roy Acuff, it was released 30 years later in 1975 by Willie Nelson on his concept album Red Headed Stranger. It was Nelson's first #1 country hit as a singer, and reached #21 on the pop charts. 
8. Kentucky Rain-In 1969 Elvis Presley began recording again in Memphis. The results: some of the greatest songs he ever recorded. "Kentucky Rain" is no exception. In 1970 it reached #16 in the US and #3 on the US Easy Listening chart.

7. Crying In The Rain-A real gem written in a rare collaboration by Carole King and Howard Greenfield. In 1962 the Everly Brothers reached #6 in both the US and UK with this. Tammy Wynette's version was a Top 20 country hit. 

6. I Wish It Would Rain-David Ruffin sang the soulful lead on this Temptations song. It reached #4 in the US and #1 on the US R&B chart in 1967.

5. Rhythm Of The Rain-In 1962 the Cascades recorded this classic. It features John Gummoe (who wrote the song during a thunderstorm) on lead vocals.. In 1963 it reached #3 in the US and #5 in the UK and sold over one million copies. It's also been played on the radio over six million times!

4. Raindrops-The intro of this song sounds much like the previous song, but don't be fooled! This one (sung by soul singer Dee Clark) has the street cred of having come out in 1961, a year before "Rhythm Of The Rain". It was written by Clark with guitarist Phil Upchurch . It reached #2 in the US and #3 (US R&B).

3. Who'll Stop The Rain-Ah, Creedence Clearwater Revival. (Always liked that name!) It was either this or "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" Tough choice. Both were written by John Fogerty; both are cool songs. But I just had to go with this one. "Who'll Stop The Rain" was a US #2 hit in 1970. In 2004 Rolling Stone ranked it #188 on its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

2. Just Walkin' In The Rain-A big hit for the inimitable Johnnie Ray in 1956.  It was originally recorded by the Prisonaires in 1953. It was written by Johnny Bragg and Robert Riley. Both were inmates at the Tennessee State Prison. Johnny wrote the majority of the song but could not read or write. Robert wrote down the lyrics in exchange for songwriting credit. The rest is history. How cool is that?

1. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head- It was a US #1 hit for four weeks. It won composers Burt Bacharach and Hal David Oscars for Best Original Song for 1969 (as the theme for Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid.) It sold over one million copies (a first for Bacharach and David and the third to do so for singer B.J. Thomas.) And Thomas's version was ranked #12 on Billboard's Greatest Songs Of All Time. And it rocks. Need I say more?

What a shame! So many great rain songs are getting left out. Hopefully you will pick up on this and mention your favorite.For the momonet just listen to the top listed song that will make you take a walk in the rain..

source:www..rock-the-jukebox.com & youtube