Monday, March 23, 2015

share of our success and struggles : Our 5 year story

It’s important that when you tell your story,it reveals your must encompass both sides of the human experience.The success and the struggle. The dream and the doubt. Your passion and your fears. One without the other seems incomplete.

so heres our story so far, we believed that LIFE in itself is your biggest DIY(do-it-yourself) project and we decided to dedicate 1 year of our lives to do exactly what we wanted to do.if it did'nt work we had the cushion of our corporate experience to fall back on and resume the rat-race,but if it clicked it may change the course of our lives and course of our lives it did change.

Its been just over 5 years since we started cafeidly,we started with very little money, absolutely no experience in food industry and zero domain knowledge, a very crazy thing to do, i should admit.Experts say 'do what you know' .but if you have the desire,a plan and the commitment to make your dream a reality.screw the experts and go after your dream.

Heres a share of our success and struggles:
got excited when we got an sunday coverage on Times of India newspaper within a month of starting
we had no money when we signed the contract for our second outlet, we signed it first and started to pool in cash. that was an challenging experience
felt amazing when our outlet was featured on BBC world and a European showed up and said that ' he watched cafeidly feature on BBC while in Europe and made it a point to visit us while he came to namma Bengaluru'
sometimes its so emotionally draining and kind words like 'keep it up' and 'god bless you' from our lovely customers is what feeds our soul.

now we are getting franchise requests from through- out the country every month and i keep saying to myself ...have just a bit of patience.

now we have a bigger outlet @ frazer town same location with seating and we welcome you all and as we move along, we look forward to your love and support and well-wishes.thank you all.God bless.