Sunday, November 21, 2010

SLAIN, one of Bangalore’s upcoming bands, have unleashed their debut album "Here and Beyond".

After sharing the stage with the likes of Iron Maiden and Mr Big, namma city rockers are set to release their first album  "Here and Beyond."
Slain, one of Bangalore’s hottest and upcoming bands, have unleashed their debut album "Here and Beyond" on November 19. Going by the buzz, the launch seems to be a unique musical event with this progressive rock band being backed by a 14-member choir.

The album was in the works ever since the band was formed in 2007. The whole band — Judah Sandhy (lead vocals), Bryden Lewis (lead guitar, backing vocals), Manek D’Silva (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Naresh Nathan (bass guitar, backing vocals), Jonathan Wesley (keyboard, backing vocals), Jared Sandhy (drums and percussion) — contributed in the songwriting process. Bryden and Judah came up with initial ideas, and then the rest of the guys chipped in to complete the songs. The 10-track album — termed “a stellar full-length album” by Rolling Stone magazine — was recorded in Judah’s studio Xanderian in the city. The band relished the freedom of working without the pressure of deadlines. The first few tracks took months. Once they got a hang of it, the rest was done quickly. Manek says the album is a mix of pop, rock and melodic metal.

Designed by Manek, the album’s cover shows a “dreamer” jumping from a rooftop. Naresh explains, “The cover’s message is: Take a leap of faith and God will hold up you. We don’t know for sure if this album will sell. But we believe that unless we take a leap of faith we won’t know. The title Here and Beyond means though we are content here in the present we believe there are greater things for us in the future.”
How does the band define success? Naresh says, “My dream was to play in a rock band and I’ve realised it. That’s success to me. Success is also realising we have God’s grace to do all that we are doing.” Manek adds, “Success is when someone listens to our songs, takes them to heart and sings along.” We wish you all the success guys!
Source: Bangalore Mirror.

And a preview of that musical masterpiece was released some time before in this promotional video. Chk it out.  

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