Sunday, April 17, 2011

Music, Mysore And Microbiology: That is Raghu Dixit for you !!!!!

Dixit is a shining example of a rapidly growing new breed of independent musicians in India that are taking the youth population by storm. It’s an odd, hybridized renaissance of sorts. These hip and young artists are referencing back to traditional folk and classical music and literature, re-fashioning them with modern music and sensibilities. Some thing similar to what CafeIdly has been trying to do ie trying to amalgamate traditional South Indian fast food with a Classic Rock touch.

Hailing from Mysore and living in Bangalore, Dixit found music on sheer impulse.  In his own words  “I was in my second year in BSc doing molecular biology,” he reminisces, and I also used to be a classical dancer for seventeen years. So I had just finished a performance of bharatnatyam, I was removing my makeup. And there was this classmate of mine who used to have long hair, play guitar and sing songs in English and impress girls. “And he came up to me and made fun of me saying you know, ‘this makeup and all make you look so effeminate. Holding a guitar is what makes one a man!’ So, doing what any self-respecting man would do when a longhaired Anglophone wannabe rock star challenges his masculinity, Dixit took up the challenge. Out of sheer spite, he started learning to play the guitar and showed him in two months that he could do it too.

Dixit’s self-titled debut album released in 2008, with eight eclectic tracks sung in three different languages – Hindi, English and Kannada. But it took about a year for Indians to really take notice. In 2009 the album became the highest earning non-Bollywood album in India, sparking performances worldwide. He became young India’s latest rock idol.

When his songs are already quite colorful, watching him perform with his band becomes an even more engrossing experience. His biggest hits have been Mysore Se Aayee (homage to his hometown, Mysore) and Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo (where smoking a hookah is an allegory to living a good life), while his personal favorite remains the soulful Ambar. His musical influences come from culture and heritage, rather than iconic musicians.

Looking ahead, Dixit wants to bring Indian music out of the shadows of the world music niche and into the mainstream. According to him “The western audiences know Indian music as only sitar, tabla, Bollywood and Bhangra. They don’t know India is a lot of rock and roll too”. Let’s wish him success in all of his future projects in India & Abroad.

After all, it seems like a juvenile college dare can really change your life.

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