Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silent No More, 'The Artist' Wins at the OSCARS

The silent cinema hit the world like a hurricane, destroying élite notions of culture overnight. As a feature-length art form, it lasted less than twenty years, from 1912 to 1929, yet more than ten thousand features were made in that period in the United States alone. From the beginning, the silent cinema was an art devoted to physical risk and to primitive passions, to rage, lust, ambition, and obsession (silence made emotions more extreme in many ways), and it produced obsession in its huge audience.

The Artist which focuses on Hollywood era between 1927 to 1931, won five Academy Awards at the
84th Annual Academy Awards 2012 including best picture, becoming the first silent film to triumph at Hollywood's highest honors since the original Oscar ceremony 83 years ago.

The black-and-white comic melodrama won oscars for Best actor ,Best director,Best picture,Best Orginal music score and for Best Costume Design.

French composer Ludovic Bource won the Academy Award for original score for his work in this
movie.In composing for Michel Hazanavicius' film , Bource referenced such genre touchstones as "Sunset Boulevard" and the music of the late film composer Franz Waxman. Yet Bource also immersed himself in the work of early Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein and classical masters such as Johannes Brahms.

This was the first nomination for Bource, as well as the composer’s first major international film. In the 100 minutes of "The Artist," Bource's music touches on a lifetime of sounds, from Bollywood melodicism to noir-like diversions. Bource earlier won the Golden Globe for his composition.

The Artist's success at the OSCARs only show that people are still in love with silent movies.And if you're one among them then 'The Artist' might interest you.

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