Sunday, February 19, 2012

South Indian Food Battle: Idli vs Masala Dosa vs Medu Vada

We have all faced this dilemma when entering a Restaurant serving SouthIndian dishes. Today lets analyze the three to know who’s the best.


Calorie counter                               

  •   2 Idlis contain 160 calories
  •   1 Masala Dosa contains 280 calories
  •   (Plain Dosa 150 calories)
  •   2 Medu Vadas contain 260 calories
So if you are on a diet go for Idli without doubt!

Which is more nutritious?
Idlis and Dosas are good source of protein. Medu vada , as it is deep fried is high in cholesterol.

Hungry Kya?
If you are a person with a large appetite then a plate of  Idli wouldn’t satisfy your hunger, may be Tatte Idly can help to some extent bcos of the bigger size. Masala Dosa can be quite filling and all these items are pocket friendly also.

Conclusion All three dishes are great in their own way, but the humble looking Idli is the healthiest option for today’s weight & health conscious consumer.

If you’re still confused then it’s best to order Idli Vada and have a bit of both!   What Say?

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