Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shelf Life of Kolaveris ?

‘Hit’ songs go viral on Internet in record time and are consigned to oblivion in just as little time. The answer could lie in Gen Y’s channel-surfing syndrome. Nothing holds their attention for long, they are always on the look out for the next best thing.

That’s not to put down the Tanglish youth anthem. After all, the composition by the 21-year-old Anirudh Ravichander has got nearly 1.4 crore hits — and the count is going up — since it was leaked on YouTube on Nov 16. It has been shared more than 10 million times on Facebook, and the #kolaveri hashtag is a trending topic on Twitter.

Which is all very well, but it is in the very nature of a modern-day ‘hit’ that it is doomed to oblivion just as fast. Blame it on a digital generation which has the attention span of... ummm... let’s say of a child eating an ice-cream and already looking forward to the second helping.

Dr Kartik Kashyap, a consultant psychiatrist from Pragnya Brain Mind clinic, sums up new-age attitudes nicely. “We live in times when people are always impatient. The hectic lifestyle and impatient attitude calls for immediate recreation and songs like Kolaveri connect with people. But in a matter of months or even weeks, people want to know what’s next, what is he going to sing? 

Every decade has its share of good, bad and the ugly. It’s difficult to predict what will become a hit. For all you know, 20 years down the line Why this Kolaveri Di could be played out on the ‘retro’ or ‘classic’ hour. Who knows?  

Till then Happy Listening ……


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