Monday, November 21, 2011

Magdalene: Mizoram gospel rock Band

In our previous blog we mentioned about the 10 things one could do to promote their band..continuing in this context we are featuring a Mizoram gospel rock band called Magdelene who have gained popularity in the Indian circuit especially through their OCs and participating and winning many competitions across the country.

Magdalene is a Gospel / Christian Rock band from Mizoram, way up in the North East of India, formed in 2005 and got their name 'Magdalene' from the Bible - ‘Mary Magdalene', LUKE chapter 8:1-3.

Magdalene is:
Steward Lalrochama - Vocals
Victor Vanlalhruaia - Lead Guitars
 L.P.Laltleipuia - Drums
P.B.Liansangzuala - Bass

Their Nu-Age sound won them the 'Best Band' in their home town twice, by two of the leading Music Magazines - ‘Rimawi Khawvel' on 2006 and by ‘Lelte Weeky Magazine' on 2007. They have even been featured on the RAVE magazine.

Mag has also participated in Great Indian Rock in both 2006 and 2007 and has won several competitions around India: 1st runners-up at IIT Roorkee 2006 Feb, Best Bassist, Best Original Composition in their song called ‘Thy Kingdom Come' (which was not on the Album)... Best Band in IIT Roorkee on 2006 Oct, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Original Composition for ‘Don't Forsake me'... Best Band in IIT Kanpur on 2006 Oct, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Original Composition, ‘Fallen', which was also not on the Album.

They released their 1 st Album, ‘Life Beyond Death’ Independently on 2006,which comprised of 12 tracks and their second album was unleashed in 2010 titled 'Magdalene'.

North East  has long been one of the principal founts of Indian rock and continues to produce bands regularly....and not only does it have an unexplored geographical paradise but also a pool of talent musicians.

Here is one of their famous composition 'save me' from their first album 'Life Beyond Death'

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