Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long Live The Legends of Music from South India!!!!

Still young in his voice, SPB celebrates his birthday on June 4th & Ilyaraaja on June 2nd. It is more than coincidence, and appropriate that SPB and Ilayaraja celebrate their birthdays within a gap of a couple of days. For the duo changed the face of South Indian film music like never before. The combination has verily created magic for listener’s world over, and no amount of words can do justice to the duo’s impact. A generation of listeners has been shaped up by them. More pertinently, a generation of singers and musicians has been impacted by them. This is a testimony to their undoubted talent, style, professionalism and beyond all their simplicity.

Balasubrahmanyam's association with Ilaiyaraaja began in the late 1970s when the latter made his cinematic debut. Balasubrahmanyam began to record more songs in Tamil especially for Ilaiyaraaja. The Ilaiyaraaja-SPB-S. Janaki trio was considered to be highly successful in the Tamil film industry from the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s. The trio went on to work in films based on classical music like Saagara Sangamam (1983), for which both Ilaiayaraaja and SPB won National Film Awards, Swathi Muthyam (1986) and Rudraveena (1988).

Both SPB and Ilayaraja share another common feature — they are not formally trained in music. This makes their achievements even more remarkable.

Long Live The Legends!!!!!!

Pls click the link below to take a listen to one of their compositions & post in u r feedback & comments!!!!

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