Sunday, May 8, 2011

Songs for My Mother.......Happy Mother's Day

It should be no surprise that Mothers are one of the most popular subjects for songwriters around the world.

In fact many artists have dedicated songs/albums in memory of their mothers .One such album is 'Songs for My Mother' released by Boyzone frontman and Irish singer/songwriter Ronan Keating.The album was recorded in memory of his late mother Marie Keating and also to celebrate Mother's Day. The songs that Ronan chose to record for the album are songs that he remembers his mother listening to throughout his childhood.

From folk songs to modern songs, here's a playlist about Moms, by artists from around the world.Some of the songs below are not just about the day itself for Mother’s, but about life experiences shared with Mothers in general which add to the long lasting memories we sometimes experience ourselves.

But my personal favorite is - ' That’s What Mama’s Do ' by Jason Matthews.Im sure you'll gonna like this song.Here is the video 


You can burn this on a CD and put it in a case with a photograph of the two of you together on the front, and you have a perfect homemade gift for Mother's day!

Do you know of any great songs for Mothers Day that are missing from this list?.. Share it with us.


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