Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best Selling Musicians of All Time : Really????

Have you ever wondered why the Greatest Musicians of all time are called Great in the first place???

Is it because of their talent, voice, skill or is there something more? You bet if they couldn't sell their music to a lot of People you and I would'nt be even talking about them. While Music undoubtedly is a central aspect of the who they are, it is the little nuances and intricacies in their whole approach to life that add a different dimension to their persona and creates that aura around them which eventually lead to album sales - yes the all important moolah!!!!

While there are thousands of  talented music artists around, the following list made it really big and there is something unique about each one of them other than the music. 

What sets them apart?  You let us know:

The Beatles:
                          Genre:Pop, rock                                                        Claimed Sales: 1 billion

Elvis Presley:

                     Genre: Rock and roll, Pop, Country                                           Claimed Sales: 1 billion

Micheal jackson:

                     Genre: Pop, R & B, dance                                           Claimed Sales: 750 million



                     Genre: Pop                                                         Claimed Sales: 370 million


                     Genre: Pop and Dance                                           Claimed Sales: 300 million

Led Zeppelin:

                     Genre: Rock                                                        Claimed Sales: 300 million


                     Genre: Rock                                                        Claimed Sales: 300 million

Cheers and Enjoy!!!!

Source: Wikipedia

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