Sunday, January 23, 2011

50 Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock 'n' Roll!

Im sure that im not alone who agrees to the fact that the most memorable part of many rock songs is the riff. In many cases these riffs are fairly easy to play. Bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones all use riffs in some of their most recognizable songs.

A Riff is nothing but a repeating musical theme that forms a song's framework.Though they are most often
found in rock music, Latin, funk and jazz, classical music is also sometimes based on a simple riff. Riffs can be as simple as a tenor saxophone honking a simple, catchy rhythmic figure, or as complex as the riff-based variations in the head arrangements played by an Orchestra. Thus, guitar riffs are the basic
 building blocks of rock 'n' roll -- and there are many best lists' compiled by various musicial faternity groups ,
we've gathered the greatest of the great as per ,a leading music portal.

Emotional impact, cultural significance and good old-fashioned recognizability are just as important as being flashy or hard to play. No list of "bests" is going to satisfy everyone, and there's only one song per band, but we hope this will at least get you to go back and listen to some of your favorites. So tell us which riffs rock your world in the comments section.

You can checkout the below link which will take you to the complete Spinner's list of "50 
Greatest Guitar Riffs in Rock 'n' Roll! and listen to some of your favorites.,wikipedia

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